Immerse yourself in one of five masterclass streams on offer for two days of intensive learning, plus why not delve into a pre-conference workshop to add to your learning? Each stream features a hands-on learning program of workshops, lectures, and panel sessions. With each in-person stream complemented with a online content from presenters and our Sound Exchange partners, you’ll go home with a toolbox brimming with knowledge and skills ready to put into clinical practice. 

Up to 20 hours of CPD is available with completion of one pre-conference workshop (3 hours) the full masterclass (12 hours) and online program (5+ hours, details coming soon). For more CPD information please click here.

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Program Overview

Sunday 26 May 2024

Pre-Conference Workshops: 1330-1700hrs

Monday 27 May 2024

Masterclass Sessions: 0900-1700hrs
Networking Reception: 1800-2100hrs 

Tuesday 28 May 2024

Masterclass Sessions: 0900-1700hrs

Optional Pre-Conference Workshops are available on Sunday 26th May 2024. There will be three in-person workshops available, running for three hours each.

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Cochlear Implants: Maximising Auditory Potential Across the Lifespan

Stream Lead: Dr Jaime Leigh, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Melbourne

Presenters: Sandra LettieriRodney Hollow, Rebecca Farrell, Raoul Wills & Dr Claire Iseli 

Industry Support: Cochlear, Med-El, Advanced Bionics, Oticon Medical

Cochlear Implants today go far beyond the provision of gain for profoundly deaf clients. They enhance the everyday lives of infants, children, and adults of all ages.  This workshop will take a deep dive into the world of cochlear implants. It is an opportunity for audiologists working in a range of service delivery settings to engage with every step in the implant journey.  You will be able to refresh and update your knowledge of all brands of modern CI devices, to review referral criteria and pre-surgery counselling to work with the software and mapping protocols and explore all aspects of re/habilitation for clients of any age.  

Learning Goals:

• Develop the skills to counsel those considering a referral for cochlear implantation.
• Understand the benefits of CI for various populations.
• Learn about CI candidacy evaluation and making a CI recommendation through case studies.
• Understand factors that affect cochlear implant outcomes.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the methods for optimizing and verifying a cochlear implant map.
• Gain an understanding of future directions in implantable technology.

(SOLD OUT) Community Paediatrics: Behavioural Assessment of Children Aged 8 Months to 6 Years

Stream Lead: Shaani Graves, Monash Health, Melbourne 

Presenters: Jacqueline Niemann, Bernadette Hassett, Matthew Wilson, Tim Rayner, Lia Traves & Vesna Maric

Industry Support: Sonic Equipment, Natus

Behavioural assessment of young children is a cornerstone of audiological practice.  This stream is an opportunity for audiologists to brush up on these essential skills and gain insights into how we can engage effectively with younger clients and their families in the community.  It will review Behavioural Observation Audiometry (BOA), Visual Response Audiometry (VRA) free-field and with inserts Play Audiometry, and the Kendall Toy Test. It will offer tips and tricks when things don’t go to plan and what the next steps may be.  There will be practical training on commercially available equipment and simple tools for use in metropolitan and regional clinics or visiting sites.

Learning Goals:

• Understand the principles of the AudA Paediatric Competency Standards, with focus on the“paediatric hearing assessment” area of practice.
• Determine appropriate tests and test order when assessing a young child’s hearing
• Perform paediatric assessments accurately, using age-appropriate behavioural techniques.
• Observe the child’s responses and adapt test techniques, engaging others to assist as required.
• Analyse results and identify when follow-up, referral or electrophysiological testing is required.

(SOLD OUT) The 5-Step Plan for Holistic Hearing Rehabilitation

Stream Lead: Dr Barbra Timmer, The University of Queensland, Brisbane /Sonova AG, Switzerland

Presenters: Dr Bec Bennett, Prof Louise Hickson, Dr Maren Stropahl, Zoe McNeice, Pauline Buchan, Dr Katie Ekberg & Dr Jack Holman 

Industry Support: Sonova & Audika 

The 5-step plan is an evidence- based model of best practice in adult hearing rehabilitation. Developed by a team of experts from Australia, the US and the UK, led by Barbra Timmer and reviewed in Audiology Now Issue 92, AudA is thrilled to offer members the opportunity to explore how to implement this service delivery model into daily clinical practice. The stream offers a deep dive into all the elements of the 5-step plan with case studies and group discussions, together with a focus on the counselling models outlined in Step 5. 

Learning Goals:

• Describe the 5 steps of the holistic hearing rehabilitation plan.
• Understand how the 5 steps relate to their individual workplace and practice setting.
• Create an implementation plan tailored to their clinic based on this 5-step plan.
• Be ready to implement their custom plan created in this stream into their clinical practice.

(SOLD OUT) Management of Chronic Conductive Hearing Loss in Adults

Stream Lead: Dominic Power, University of Melbourne, Melbourne

Presenters: Sandra Lee, Dr Sarah AdamsonDr Sherryl Wagstaff, Nichola Baker, Kate Godfrey, Dr Nadine de Alwis, Dr Kumiko Orimoto & Kerry Bell 

Industry Support: Clear Ears, GN Resound, Oticon Medical, Med-El, Cochlear

The diagnosis and management of conductive and mixed hearing loss is fundamental in audiology. This stream will review the pathologies associated with conductive hearing loss and new trends in medical and surgical treatment. It will focus on the role of the audiologist in rehabilitation and the options available for clients where there has been a fundamental change in their ear geometry.   There will be practical guidance on complex wax removal for perforations or mastoid cavities and mastoid packing when taking impressions. It will review device options including ear mould and hearing device selection, software settings and hands-on training with contemporary bone conduction devices. 

Learning Goals:

• Update knowledge of current conductive hearing pathologies in adults.
• Understand non-medical management of these conditions, and the role of the audiologist.
• Learn about skin cancers of the ear and our role in identification, on-referral and post treatment care.
• Gain practical skills on aural hygiene including techniques for taking impressions for mastoid cavities and correct ear mould selection.
• Review current amplification options available for chronic conductive hearing conditions.

Vestibular Boot Camp

Stream Lead: Dr Jessica Vitkovic, Dizzyology, Melbourne 

Presenters: Jessica Blakeley, Dr David SzmulewiczKamran BarinBianca Charles & Tess Peverill

Industry Support: Interacoustics, Neurotologix

Our perennially popular vestibular boot camp is back in 2024!  Improve your understanding of the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the vestibular system, explore case studies, and learn from the experts.  It's your chance to gain practical experience on advanced equipment for vestibular assessment and train in simple and effective treatments for dizziness. If you are considering expanding your practice to include vestibular treatment, then this stream is for you! 

Learning Goals:

• Learn about the anatomy and physiology of the vestibular system.
• Understand the characteristics of common vestibular pathologies and their treatments.
• Perform various vestibular function tests including VEMPs, HIT and ENG and integrate their results.
• Perform the Hallpike test for the assessment of BPPV and apply the appropriate particle repositioning manoeuvre.

*Please note that Audiology Australia reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute speakers and/or presenters, vary prices, venues, seating arrangements and audience capacity without notice. If changes are made to the event, Audiology Australia will use its best efforts to maintain equivalent standards. 

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