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learning goals summary

Management of Chronic Conductive Hearing Loss in Adults

The diagnosis and management of conductive and mixed hearing loss is fundamental in audiology. This stream will review the pathologies associated with conductive hearing loss and new trends in medical and surgical treatment. It will focus on the role of the audiologist in rehabilitation and the options available for clients where there has been a fundamental change in their ear geometry.   There will be practical guidance on complex wax removal for perforations or mastoid cavities and mastoid packing when taking impressions. It will review device options including ear mould and hearing device selection, software settings and hands-on training with contemporary bone conduction devices.

• Update knowledge of current conductive hearing pathologies in adults.

• Understand non-medical management of these conditions, and the role of the audiologist.

• Learn about skin cancers of the ear and our role in identification, on-referral and post treatment care.

• Gain practical skills on aural hygiene including techniques for taking impressions for mastoid cavities and correct ear mould selection.

• Review current amplification options available for chronic conductive hearing conditions.

learning goals expanded

Management of Chronic Conductive Hearing Loss in Adults

To gain an up-to-date understanding of current conductive hearing pathologies in adults, including presentation, diagnosis, aetiology, medical management and audiological considerations and implications. 

To obtain a deeper understanding of the audiological non-medical management of chronic middle ear conditions, including the audiologist’s role in aural hygiene, device expectations, when and where to refer onwards and outlining expectations/counselling the client throughout the process. 

To obtain a broad overview of skin cancers of, and around the ear and understand our role in the prompt and correct identification and on-referral for appropriate management as well as how to provide optimal post treatment care of these conditions. 

To gain specific hands on skills with regards to clean and healthy ear canals, including non-standard anatomy, along with safe impression taking techniques for mastoid cavities including safe and correct earmould selection. 

To gain an overview of the current amplification options available for chronic conductive hearing conditions, including device selection, funding, programming and management. 

meet the lead & presenters

Dominic Power

Dominic holds a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Clinical Audiology and is an Accredited Audiologist with over 20 years of experience across all facets of audiology. He has been involved with clinical teaching and supervision of students and lectures across several subjects on the Masters of Clinical Audiology at the University of Melbourne.  He has been micro-suctioning ears for 15 years and has active in expanding the scope of practice of audiologists into this area over this time including teaching into this at the University of Melbourne. His current clinical focus is on providing hearing rehabilitation services in a clinical setting and he is keenly interested in identifying predictive factors for success in hearing rehabilitation. 

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Clear Ears, GN Resound, Oticon Medical, Med-El, Cochlear

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