PRe-conference workshops

Three optional Pre-Conference Workshops are available on Sunday 26 May 2024. These workshops will be held at Pullman Melbourne Albert Park, and you can select one workshop to attend.

Places are strictly limited and are offered on a first come, first served basis. We recommend booking early to ensure you don’t miss out. 

Please read through the information provided on each workshop before registering.

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Pre-Conference Workshop: The ABC of OAEs

Duration: 3 hours (3 CPD points, category 1.4)

Time: 1330-1700hrs

Cost if also attending the Conference: Member $160 / Non-Member $220
Cost for Workshop only: Member $235 / Non-Member $270

Stephanie Morris, University of Queensland

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Jay Lee, Attune and University of Queensland

Learning Goals:

• Understand the anatomical and physiologic origins of otoacoustic emissions (OAEs).
• Learn about the underlying principles for measuring evoked OAEs (TEOAEs & DPOAEs).
• Compare and contrast clinical applications of TEOAEs and DPOAEs in paediatric settings.
• Apply knowledge of OAEs through real-world case studies.
• Understand the rationale for Medicare claiming on OAE tests.

Coordinating Conference Stream: This workshop is paired with the Community Paediatrics: Behavioural Assessment of Children Aged 8 Months to 6 Years conference stream.


Pre-Conference Workshop: Advanced topics in vestibular pathophysiology

Duration: 3 hours (3 CPD points, category 1.4)

Time: 1330-1700hrs

Cost if also attending the Conference: Member $160 / Non-Member $220
Cost for Workshop only: Member $235 / Non-Member $270

Dr Kamran Barin, The Ohio State University

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Learning Goals:

• Identify vestibular tests used in diagnosis and rehabilitation of traumatic brain injuries.
• Determine how atypical and multichannel BPPV types can present and how to best manage them.
• Describe the role of torsional eye movements in the assessment of dizzy patients.
• Describe functional assessment of otoliths using ocular counter-rolling and visual vertical tests.

Coordinating Conference Stream: This workshop is paired with the Vestibular Bootcamp conference stream.

Empowerment in Audiology: Designing Holistic Rehabilitation

Duration: 3 hours (3 CPD points, category 1.4)

Time: 1330-1700hrs

Cost if also attending the Conference: Member $100 / Non-Member $160
Cost for Workshop only: Member $175 / Non-Member $210

Dr Paola Incerti, National Acoustic Laboratories

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Dr Bec Bennett, National Acoustic Laboratories

Learn more about the presenter here

Learning Goals:

• Understand the concept of empowerment in audiology and its importance in enhancing client outcomes.
• Learn the principles of design thinking and how they can be applied to develop innovative clinical tools and rehabilitation plans in audiology.
• Gain practical skills in designing clinical tools to evaluate client empowerment and develop holistic audiology rehabilitation plans.
• Develop implementation strategies for empowering tools, conducting SWOT analysis and utilizing the COM-B framework to explore barriers and facilitators to tool implementation, ensuring seamless integration into clinical practice.

This workshop is partially sponsored by National Acoustic Laboratories and offers delegates a discount.

Workshop Description 

Empowerment in Audiology: Designing Holistic Rehabilitation

This workshop is co-hosted and partially sponsored by National Acoustic Laboratories. This partial sponsorship has allowed Audiology Australia to offer reduced workshop rates for attendees. 

Throughout this immersive experience, participants will delve into the fundamental concept of empowerment within audiology, cultivating a deep understanding of how empowerment drives enhanced client outcomes. Explore the nuances of client interaction and discover innovative approaches to fostering empowerment in every aspect of clinical practice. 

Elevate your audiology practice through the integration of design thinking principles. Discover how empathy, ideation, prototyping, and testing form the bedrock of innovative solutions. Through dynamic exercises and real-world applications, delegates will master the art of applying design thinking through hands-on development of clinical tools and strategies that foster client empowerment. By the workshop's conclusion, attendees will have honed their skills in developing strategies and tools aimed at better empowering their clients, thereby enhancing their ability to provide comprehensive care and achieve optimal outcomes in audiology practice. Following the workshop, the research team will further refine and provide high-quality versions of these innovative tools to attendees, free of charge. 

Participants will also be guided through an implementation planning process, learning how to assess new clinical tools and develop implementation strategies for adopting them within the clinic. By the end of the session, participants will walk away with a personalized implementation plan, ready to make a tangible impact in their audiology practice.  

*Please note that Audiology Australia reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute speakers and/or presenters, vary prices, venues, seating arrangements and audience capacity without notice. If changes are made to the event, Audiology Australia will use its best efforts to maintain equivalent standards. 

We respectfully acknowledge the Wurundjeri People, and their Elders past and present, who are the Traditional Owners of the land on which The Sound Exchange 2024 is taking place.

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