The Sound Exchange '19:
Audiology in Action

It's intimate

Past delegates have loved this conference because it offers a safe space for learning, sharing and collaboration.

You'll enjoy the intimacy of the open, personal and positive vibe.

It's immersive

You'll attend powerful and practical sessions, working on real-life issues, not just theory.

More than just a conference, this is an immersive learning experience that will offer you new insights and skills.

it's interactive

Hands-on workshops will provide you with the upskilling you want to make a difference in clinic.

You'll spend 2.5 days in workshops that will focus on one specific area of interest.


Launched in 2017, The Sound Exchange is Audiology Australia’s revamped, biennial event. With a unique format, this conference will represent an intensive clinical weekend, featuring a range of hands-on workshops, lectures and panel sessions. You will take away valuable resources and skills that can be put to use in everyday clinical practice.
Join us for this weekend where you can immerse yourself in one of the six masterclasses on offer. International experts will join leading clinicians and researchers to share their knowledge with you.

about the sound exchange '19 brand

The brand for The Sound Exchange '19 is based on a painting by an Indigenous artist from Alice Springs, Margie Lankin. Margie has worked as an Aboriginal Health Practitioner since 1993 and has been working in hearing health for many of those years. 

The painting, (pictured below) tells the story of how communication has been used to carry stories for many years. The centre of the painting shows the Seven Sisters. The left side of the painting represents stories told in different languages in the tribes of the Aboriginal people. The right side of the painting shows stories passed on from generation to generation, and the dots throughout the work represent the countries and seas where this story travels.