International experts will join leading Australian clinicians and researchers at The Sound Exchange '19 to share their expertise and knowledge with you.

plenary sessions

Session 1:

Culturally Inclusive Practice in Multicultural Australia
Friday 31 May, 12.15pm-2.45pm

Session 2:

Digital Tools of the Future: The Audiologists role in holistic health care
Saturday 1 June, 8.30am - 10.00am

Session 3:

How Emotional Intelligence will help you with your inner critic
Sunday 2 June, 4.15pm - 5.30pm



Immerse yourself in one of the five masterclasses on offer. 

childhood listening beyond the audiogram

Suitable for: Experienced paediatric clinicians.

This masterclass will discuss the audiological management of children with listening and communication disorders, including Autism, Attention and Auditory Processing Disorders.

This series of lectures and workshops will explore assessment and management approaches for this challenging cohort of young listeners. A variety of management approaches will be addressed that are specific to identified deficits and behavioural disorders. The program aims to provide insight into the communication difficulties faced by these children and how as a profession, audiology can contribute to improved real-life listening outcomes.

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Infusing Counselling in Audiology Practice

Suitable for: All clinicians

Counselling is an integral part of audiology practice, irrespective of specialty or workplace. From exploring individuals’ and families’ experiences, to working with individuals and families to develop plans to minimise disability, the skills underpinning counselling are learnable and impact the quality of care provided. 

This masterclass is designed to introduce participants to counselling approaches that can be incorporated into everyday practice.  Participants will be exposed to theories and participate in activities designed to encourage the development of their own personalised practice plans.

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Learning objectives

1. Compare and contrast counselling theories as relevant to audiology practice
2. Foster an understanding of the importance of counselling at informational and emotional levels
3. Demonstrate an improved ability to conduct a counselling-based interaction with individuals and families
4. Create a personal counselling implementation plan
5. Develop their professional identify and role as an audiologist

Hearing and cognitive decline in ageing: New directions for audiologic practice

Suitable for: All clinicians who currently treat or are interested in treating older adults

This masterclass will provide you with new insights into how cognition changes with aging, how auditory and cognitive processing influence one another and the implications for treating clients with cognitive loss. The identification of hearing loss as a leading potential modifiable mid-life risk factor for dementia challenges audiologists to use emerging evidence responsibly to promote healthy aging.

Can individuals with dementia benefit from hearing aids and/or other forms of audiologic rehabilitation? How could audiologists offer help to caregivers for individuals with dual hearing and cognitive impairments?  Case studies will be used to stimulate discussion of best practices.

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vestibular bootcamp (advanced)

Suitable for: clinicians with 2 to 5 years clinical experience in vestibular assessment or treatment.

This masterclass will present you with the physiological mechanisms involved in the compensation process following vestibular damage and understand how this manifests in various vestibular function assessments.

Presentations and case studies will allow you to apply your vestibular assessment integration skills to identify the site of lesion.

You will also explore, and practice, various BPPV assessments and manoeuvres for BPPV variants outside of the common posterior canal variety. A quality care model for vestibular migraine treatment will also be presented.

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vestibular bootcamp (intro)

Suitable for: Clinicians who have no (or little) clinical experience in vestibular assessment.

This masterclass will review the foundations of vestibular anatomy and physiology and take you through the common diagnostic tests of vestibular function. You will be presented with common pathologies and their treatment options, including an introduction to vestibular physiotherapy.

This masterclass will contain both didactic sessions, case presentations, and two hands-on workshops allowing you to apply your clinical skills to both assessment and treatment of common balance disorders.

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